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Supertrends delivers white-label app to hedge fund Atlas Global Macro

We are proud to announce the completion and delivery of a customized white-label app for the Luxembourg-registered hedge fund Atlas Global Macro. The app is built on the API from the Supertrends platform, which makes it possible to source Supertrends content such as expert predictions and news stories about innovation prepared by the Supertrends editorial team. In addition to the Supertrends content, the investment team at Atlas Global Macro will publish financial analyses directly in the app – exclusively accessible for the fund’s investors. At the time of writing, Atlas is in the process of notifying its investors about accessing the app.

Supertrends CEO Kim Weis stated: “It has been a really exciting task to work with Atlas Global Macro and develop their exclusive investor app. We believe that the Atlas Global Macro app will distinguish the fund from their competitors in terms of client-offering, and that our Supertrends content can help the fund’s investment team stay ahead. The delivery of the white-label app is also a milestone in the history of Supertrends, as Atlas Global Macro will be our first white-label customer. We expect the financial industry to be one of our main markets, so attracting a hedge fund as our first white-label client is something we are very proud of.”

Mockup of Atlas Global Macro app, provided by Supertrends

Jakob Due, co-founder and portfolio manager at Atlas Global Macro, added: “We are delighted to launch our Atlas Global Macro app in collaboration with Supertrends. In addition to generating favorable risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we aim to provide our investors with a high-quality information flow that can add value to their business or investment decisions. The Atlas Global Macro app fulfills this through the sourcing of content from Supertrends’ expert network and editorial team. Internally at our investment team, we extract valuable insights from the Supertrends content, and we are sure that this will also be the case for our investors. Furthermore, the app provides us with an ideal platform for providing continuous updates to our investors, including short analyses about financial markets and our views on possibilities in the market.”

About Atlas Global Macro

Having launched just a month ago, Atlas Global Macro has been successful in attracting investors and capital. As of the end of June 2021, the fund has approximately 1,000 investors and €200m in assets under management. The fund applies a flexible, global, multi-assets strategy based on top-down views on economic and political trends and themes. The fund is domiciled in Luxembourg, while the experienced team of investment analysts are based in Canton Schwyz, Switzerland. The fund’s prime broker is Credit Suisse. 

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Supertrends to Present About the Future at Upcoming Presidents Summit

We are delighted to share that Supertrends and Presidents Summit, Northern Europe’s leading business conference, have established a partnership in relation to the next Presidents Summit, which will take place on the 8th and 9th of November 2021 in Copenhagen.

At the Presidents Summit, Supertrends founder Lars Tvede will present the key super trends that are projected to transform the business landscape in the coming decades for an audience of more than 3,000 influential executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. Furthermore, Supertrends will set up a booth at the summit to connect with participating executives.

Speaking about the collaboration, Supertrends CEO Kim Weis wrote: “Presidents Summit has in recent years evolved to become one of the leading business conferences in Europe. This is largely due to their ability to attract world-class speakers that inspire the Summit’s participants to innovate and grow their businesses. We are extremely humbled that Supertrends has been chosen to present in front of the Summit’s audience of top executives alongside some of the world’s leading management experts. This sign of recognition is a milestone in Supertrends’ development and is a testament to the quality of our insights into the trends shaping the future.”

Frederik Linderberg, CEO of Presidents Summit, added: “Now more than ever, it is imperative for business leaders to have a clear picture of what will happen in the future so that they can continue to lead with confidence. By using AI, text-mining, and crowdsourcing from experts, we believe Supertrends has established an effective method of gathering and displaying structured data about the future to the benefit of any decision-maker. We are therefore looking forward to welcoming Lars Tvede and the Supertrends team to our upcoming Summit, and we are curious to hear their take on the super trends that will shape the future.”

About Presidents Summit

Having started as a small conference a little over 10 years ago, Presidents Summit is now attended by more than 3,000 executives from 50+ countries and lists – among other prominent figures – Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Margrethe Vestager, and Jack Welch as past speakers. Moreover, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Presidents Summit successfully launched a free weekly online Global Masterclass with participants from all over the world, which has grown to become one of Europe’s largest business webinar series. This year, however, they are looking forward to once again welcoming attendees in-person to what will be a star-studded Summit. In addition to Lars Tvede, this year’s list of speakers includes the founder of the Business Model Canvas Alexander Osterwalder, Global CEO of Bain & Company Manny Maceda, and the Chairwoman of Egon Zehnder (the world’s leading executive search) Jill Ader, among others.

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Supertrends and CVX Ventures Agree on Partnership

Supertrends and the Danish venture investor CVX Ventures have agreed on a partnership for sharing expertise and predictions regarding trends and innovation within the venture capital space. The partnership will serve to provide state-of-the-art knowledge about trends and innovation, and thereby improve the information basis for investment decisions. CVX Ventures will use Supertrends’ services internally and will facilitate the services to their network of partners.

CVX Ventures is a Danish venture investor that combines venture capital with deep industry knowledge and experience from leading business people in all investments. CVX Ventures evaluates more than 1,000 growth startups each year and invests in the most promising ones together with their +450 partners who are angels and/or board members. Additionally, CVX Ventures facilitates board positions in promising growth startups to their network with relevant experience. CVX Ventures is an important VC-actor in Denmark and the Nordic region and contributes to job creation and innovation.

Supertrends CEO Kim Weis said: “CVX Ventures is at the forefront of innovation as a venture investor and has a very interesting model with some of the most prominent private investors and board members in the Nordic region. Together, CVX Ventures and their partners are dedicated to foster growth startups and create the future of tomorrow in many different industries. We admire their dedication and hard work, and we look very much forward to provide them with high-quality information about trends and innovation.”

Anton G. Herborg, the CEO of CVX Ventures, added: “We are thrilled about this new partnership with Supertrends. When we and our partners make investment decisions, we need as much curated information as possible. Supertrends use AI, text-mining and crowdsourcing from experts to produce executive overviews of innovation in various industries. We believe that these methods ensure comprehensive, detailed, and unbiased information, which is exactly what we need in our decision-making processes in and before our Investment Committée. We look forward to using Supertrends’ services together with our partners”.

About CVX Ventures
CVX Ventures invests in growth startups together with their network of +450 partners.
Since 2018, they have supported more than 50 businesses with investments and competent board members. Every year, they evaluate more than 1,000 potential investments to find the most promising growth startups to partner up with.

Read more about CVX Ventures.

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Supertrends and Presidents Institute Join Up to Create Awareness About Future Innovations

Supertrends and Nordic leadership development organization Presidents Institute have established a partnership for sharing expertise and predictions regarding trends and new developments that will affect the futures of both companies and their global networks. This collaboration will serve to improve their information basis for decisionmaking and cultivate an interest in innovation, based on the information and reports provided by Supertrends.

Presidents Institute, a society of Nordic business executives dedicated to leadership development and networking, is owned by Danish serial entrepreneur Mads Faurholt, who in 2017 co-wrote the bestselling book “Entrepreneur” with Supertrends co-founder Lars Tvede. In recent years, President Institute has managed to profitably increase its team size threefold and grow the membership base by 150% since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which put a hold on physical activities.

Supertrends CEO Kim Weis said: “As one of the most renowned executive management societies in the Nordics, Presidents Institute is an extremely interesting partner for Supertrends to work with. The members of Presidents Institute are executives who are passionate about change and creating the future through dedicated leadership. We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with Presidents Institute, and we look forward to helping their members stay ahead of the curve when it comes to future innovation.”

Mathias Davidsen, the CEO of Presidents Institute, added: “We are excited about entering into this partnership with Supertrends. The quality of their content about trends and future innovation is second to none, and we are convinced that access to this valuable repository of expert knowledge will help the executives in our network improve their decision-making basis and gain a clearer perspective of which trends are expected to shape their business sectors in the coming years.”

About Presidents Institute
Presidents Institute is one of Northern Europe’s prime facilitators of leadership development programs with more than 1,200 active top executives as members. Presidents Institute’s vision is to be the preferred provider of executive development programs through highly curated physical and virtual meetings and peer-to-peer learning.

Read more about the Presidents Institute.

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Lars Tvede Delivers VL Summit Keynote

Lars Tvede was the keynote speaker at the Danish Business Leaders Summit on 6 May 2021, where he spoke about Supertrends, the future for businesses and other organizations – as seen by the people that create it.

VL is the leading Danish non-profit network for Industry Leaders; C-suite executives, board members, politicians and opinion leaders. VL is committed to fostering and encouraging knowledge and understanding of modern leadership. Accordingly, VL aims to contribute to the financial success, social progress and general improvement of the conditions of our society.

Here you can watch a summary of the keynote with English subtitles as well as the full-length version in Danish only.

Summary keynote – Danish audio, English subtitles
Full length keynote – Danish audio only

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