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We are always ready to step up to the microphone to talk about future trends in innovation, next-generation technologies, and how they will impact industry, society, and the way we live.

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Our company was founded by investor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker Lars Tvede. As such, he is the most visible representative of Supertrends, exemplifying the deep knowledge, mission and vision, values, and inspiration that guide our company and our efforts to develop solutions to anticipate the most likely future with increasing levels of accuracy and confidence.

Motivated by a desire to build awareness of what’s around the corner and beyond, we invite companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, futurists, and institutional entities to enter into a dialog with us over crucial – and sometimes thorny – issues around tech solutions, innovations and trends that will shape the coming decades in significant ways.

Lars tvede for Supertrends

Above: Lars Tvede speaks on Danish radio channel 24syv, commenting on and forecasting the technologies that will profoundly impact the next decades (September 2022).

events supertrends

Above: Lars Tvede participating as keynote speaker at Denmark’s largest mediatech festival, talking about the latest trends in media, tech, communication, and media production. “A Look Into The Crystal Ball: The Next Big Supertrends” (June 2022).

Hot topics in innovation to explore deeper

Artificial Intelligence



Driverless cars 

Education in the future

Energy transition

Lab-grown meat



Mobility as a service

Nuclear, Thorium power

Innovation mindset

On-demand fashion

Personal health tracking

Precision farming

Precision fermentation 

Quantum computing

Solar, Wind power

Space travel 


The hydrogen economy

Vertical farming

Virtual reality

Augmented reality 

Dig deep into the big topics of innovation and technology in a personal encounter with our founder.

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