Innovation reports

The world in which we live is changing at lightning speed, and flooded with information. Our innovation reports bring you informational focus, relevancy, and quality control. The more accurately you can predict what’s next, the less likely you are to be disrupted by a future you didn’t see coming.

The world in which we live is changing at lightning speed, and flooded with information. Our publications bring you informational focus, relevancy, and quality control. 

Dynamic reports

A comprehensive view of an emerging supertrend

Our dynamic reports will give you an  in-depth, expert-driven overview and analysis of your chosen topic, as well as access to carefully curated databases of investments in the sector, active companies, and other information. Purchase of a dynamic report comes with a one-year subscription to free updates and access to the Supertrends Pro app. Unlike most reports, ours are dynamic reports because they are periodically updated as the field advances.

Innovation Reports - Dynamic report in Cultured Meat

Cultured Meat

Cultured meat – otherwise known as clean meat or lab grown meat – is produced by in-vitro cultivation of animal cells, instead of from slaughtered animals. It is a form of cellular agriculture that uses many of the same tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicine.

Innovation reports - Dynamic reports in Anti-aging


Anti-aging is an area of scientific research that aims to help delay, eliminate, or even reverse the aging process. Researchers also hope that anti-aging research can help us to prevent and treat many age-related diseases, thereby expanding both our life and health span.

Innovation reports - Dynamic report Aquaporin & sepsis

Aquaporin and Sepsis

Aquaporins are channel proteins that facilitate the transport of water across cells. Aquaporins are showing great potential in the treatment of sepsis, one of the main causes of death across the world that desperately needs new effective treatment.

Innovation reports - Dynamic report in Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen, produced by wind- and solar-powered electrolysis, can decarbonize whole energy systems. As a storage medium, it can stabilize grids and enable sector coupling. Our next report looks at the potential economic impact of this technology.

Innovation reports - Dynamic report in Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Building upon the principles of quantum physics, quantum technology will enable users to address the increasing complexity of computational problems in areas such as chemistry, finance, defense, manufacturing, and transportation in a faster and more efficient way.

Sustainability reports

Free reports in collaboration with our partner Valuer and experts

Learn more about innovative solution, challenges, relevant technology trends, and opportunities around meeting the sustainable development goals in various industries.

Complementary publications

Hot topics in the spotlight

Practical guides, topical reports and other mini-publications that complement our main innovation reports and highlight different aspects of the Supertrends we monitor.

How to live 100 years

A practical guide to live a long and healthy life, prevent age-related diseases, and discover various science-based anti-aging interventions.

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