On Demand Reports

We can build you a tailored future report with all the data, innovations, expertise, and insights you need to align your strategy and business goals with the supertrends that are shaping the future of your industry.

Focus on information that matter

An overview of innovation trends in one or more sectors of your interest.

An in-depth study of one or more specific technology areas.

Research focus on a specific technology and its impacts and implications.

Benefits for…


Save months of research

…by having a focused overview on a particular field or technology

Short-list fast potential investment candidates

…by consulting a well-curated list of start-ups active in your field or technology of interest 

Understand the advantages and challenges of a particular innovation cluster or trend

…by consulting expert opinion on it

Business developers / sellers

Support your sales and product development needs

…with in-depth information and insights into innovations and key players of interest

Support R&D planning and innovation

…with latest insights and information on nascent and emerging technologies

Understand your core customer better

…from the relevant market trends and microtrends that we identify for you 

Identify opportunities for growth

Research/Consultancy organizations

Save time and effort

…by receiving streams of data centralized and presented in intuitive visuals

Increase operational efficiency

…by tapping into our on-demand data collection and quickly extract data for your own reports and events

Save time

…by efficient access to a large database of trends, innovations, companies, experts and future milestones

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