Supertrends Strategy & War Rooms

Strategic and operational clarity – faster than ever before!

Supertrends Strategy & War Rooms combine the knowledge of experts, key innovators, big data, artificial intelligence, business experience and clear visualization to provide you with strategic and operational clarity of present and future developments that impact your business. 

When combined, they give you the knowledge and tools to act super fast without losing sight of strategic direction.

Super fast industry assessment

Based on a custom analysis tailored to your business, we deliver clear, actionable insights within a matter of minutes, so you get strategic and operational clarity based on actionable data.

Supertrends Strategy Rooms

In Supertrends Strategy Rooms, we run tailored analysis of large data sets from a wide range of sources, which is combined with valuable, relevant insights from our quality expert network.

This gives you a clear view of hot topics, market trends, competitors, products, upcoming technologies, key market entrants, investments and other information shaping your industry now and in the future.

Supertrends Strategy Rooms are configured for customized business strategy sessions, either in one of our fixed locations or at your preferred venue.

Supertrends War Rooms

The Supertrends War Rooms are the operational extensions of our Strategy Rooms, allowing you to monitor relevant key developments on a daily basis.

This provides you with live insight into changes and other developments of strategic importance that you can act on operationally today.

Our network of experts can also be brought in to support with implementation, as advisors or content providers as needed.

War Rooms and associated data can be accessed or established wherever you need it to support operations.

How does it work?

We will work with you to identify the relevant factors of importance to your specific business, and run special queries based on these to collect data from multiple sources.

We use a combination of sources and technologies such as machine learning, text mining as well as expert insights and predictions to ensure a highly balanced view of current and future developments.

This way we can filter out noise and perform strategic analysis at an accelerated pace, identifying clear, actionable information.

Always updated, actionable intelligence

The identified key data, relevant experts and other strategicaly important information is then made available and kept updated to support your daily operations.

This essentially gives you a real-time overview of ongoing developments of importance to your business, that you can act on instantly.

Multiple options ensure business fit

Whether you are looking for mid- to long-term foresight or urgent operational input, we can identify the relevant fit for your business and deliver the data you need to act.

Hot Topics and Sentiments

Mining the internet for information and analyzing findings with our smart AI algorithms, we provide an instant snapshot of the pulse of global discussions.

Expert Opinions

Our select network of experts and key innovators, the people who help create the future, provide perspective and concrete input on relevant future developments.

Impact and Importance

For increased relevance, we assign an index that shows impact rating and importance, adjusted to your specific industry or business. This helps identify risks and prioritize findings.

Strategy Game

With our purpose-built digital strategy game, valuable organizational input is easily gathered to identify threats and opportunities.

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Our team is ready to help with more information or to identify the right solution for your particular challenge or business.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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