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Our daily news service provides compact, concise, and accessible updates about key trends and technologies. Written by our editorial team in collaboration with our community of experts and published on the Supertrends Pro app, these digests deliver information and data on the latest developments and future forecasts regarding technology and innovation in the most dynamic global industry sectors, including, but not limited to: food and agriculture; information technology; healthcare and life sciences; apparel, fashion, and textiles; engineering and construction; chemistry and materials science; finance, banking, and legal services; transportation, logistics and mobility; and energy, natural resources, and environmental services.

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These free downloadable publications are produced by Supertrends in collaboration with our partners. They deliver focused research and analyses on future technological and innovation trends that will shape specific industries, including the most promising and game-changing companies and start-ups operating in each sector. Whenever we have a new free report ready, you will be notified immediately.

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Our blog posts are mainly based on interviews conducted by our editorial team with renowned experts – entrepreneurs, researchers, and academics – delivering detail-rich insights. Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of the most promising technologies being developed or improved, both from a technical standpoint and in terms of their potential for application in various industries to increase productivity and sustainability. 

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Supertrends events, both online and offline, focus on a single goal: to map out the future trajectories of innovation with a high signal-to-noise ratio. Our newsletter includes direct links where users may register to participate in conferences, webinars, and networking events designed to guide and boost the strategic efforts of any organization interested in untangling the complexities and uncertainties of the future.

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Our expert network is made up of forward-looking thinkers with proven expertise in various fields. With their innovative projects, experimentation, research, and knowledge, they work every day to shape a better future for the world, society, and individuals, under the banner of progress.

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