Supertrends and Active Owners Denmark Join Forces to Strengthen Danish Businesses

Today, we are very happy to share that Supertrends will be collaborating with the Danish investor trade association Active Owners Denmark (known in Denmark as Aktive Ejere) toward their mission of strengthening Danish businesses. 

With the world changing at an ever-faster rate, businesses and particularly institutional investors need to know the direction the world is moving in, in order to make optimal strategic decisions. Hence, the relevance of Supertrends to an organization like Active Owners Denmark. As the COO of Active Owners Denmark, Jonathan Schacht Hallin Nielsen, put it: ”The investment industry relies on strong partners and strong data. Working with Supertrends gives great access to both and as the primary business organization for Danish investment professionals, we appreciate the new collaboration and the opportunities it creates for our members.” 

The goal of the collaboration is thus to supply Active Owners Denmark and their extensive member network with Supertrends’ tools to navigate the future, such that they may select more effective strategies in light of what’s to come. Specifically, Supertrends’ highly customizable and constantly updated knowledge system will enable Active Owners Denmark and its members to track the most promising trends relevant for their sector, as they unfold. This offering, which we call future-as-a-service (FaaS), consequently helps to eliminate the “white noise” created by the bombardment of news services today by focusing only on the trends and innovations that will significantly impact the future.

A visualisation of Supertrends future-as-a-service product suite. Learn more at
……………..A visualisation of Supertrends future-as-a-service product suite

A number of events have already been planned as part of the collaboration; the first of which is already taking place next week. Supertrends will be presenting at Active Owners Denmark’s 2021 Nordic Fundraising Summit taking place from the 5th to 6th of October, with plans to organize another event later in the year for members of Active Owners Denmark. The organization will also be granted access to the Supertrends Pro app so that they can stay abreast of relevant trends on-demand – in turn offering better value to their clients.

Looking ahead, Supertrends CEO Kim Weis wrote: “As our mission at Supertrends is to prepare business for the future, we feel very close to Active Owners Denmark’s mission of helping innovative companies get better. I am therefore personally really looking forward to sharing our hard work with Active Owners Denmark and their members, as well as to subsequently witness the effects our insights will bring about.”

About Active Owners Denmark

Active Owners Denmark is the trade association for a wide range of investors in Denmark, focusing on making Denmark an even more attractive place to invest, both nationally and globally. Their industry consists of everything from private investors and family offices to venture and private equity funds and large pension funds alongside all those advising them. Their 300+ members provide active ownership in the companies they invest in, and at the same time help to develop Denmark’s next generation of successful companies. 

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Louise Trelles-tvede

I am engaged within marketing and product development at Supertrends, having joined the team from a varied background in hospitality, venture capital and fashion. Having lived in five different countries, I am especially drawn to diverse and innovative networks, such as the one we are working to build here at Supertrends.

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