Supertrends and CVX Ventures Agree on Partnership

Supertrends and the Danish venture investor CVX Ventures have agreed on a partnership for sharing expertise and predictions regarding trends and innovation within the venture capital space. The partnership will serve to provide state-of-the-art knowledge about trends and innovation, and thereby improve the information basis for investment decisions. CVX Ventures will use Supertrends’ services internally and will facilitate the services to their network of partners.

CVX Ventures is a Danish venture investor that combines venture capital with deep industry knowledge and experience from leading business people in all investments. CVX Ventures evaluates more than 1,000 growth startups each year and invests in the most promising ones together with their +450 partners who are angels and/or board members. Additionally, CVX Ventures facilitates board positions in promising growth startups to their network with relevant experience. CVX Ventures is an important VC-actor in Denmark and the Nordic region and contributes to job creation and innovation.

Supertrends CEO Kim Weis said: “CVX Ventures is at the forefront of innovation as a venture investor and has a very interesting model with some of the most prominent private investors and board members in the Nordic region. Together, CVX Ventures and their partners are dedicated to foster growth startups and create the future of tomorrow in many different industries. We admire their dedication and hard work, and we look very much forward to provide them with high-quality information about trends and innovation.”

Anton G. Herborg, the CEO of CVX Ventures, added: “We are thrilled about this new partnership with Supertrends. When we and our partners make investment decisions, we need as much curated information as possible. Supertrends use AI, text-mining and crowdsourcing from experts to produce executive overviews of innovation in various industries. We believe that these methods ensure comprehensive, detailed, and unbiased information, which is exactly what we need in our decision-making processes in and before our Investment Committée. We look forward to using Supertrends’ services together with our partners”.

About CVX Ventures
CVX Ventures invests in growth startups together with their network of +450 partners.
Since 2018, they have supported more than 50 businesses with investments and competent board members. Every year, they evaluate more than 1,000 potential investments to find the most promising growth startups to partner up with.

Read more about CVX Ventures.

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