Supertrends and Presidents Institute Join Up to Create Awareness About Future Innovations

Supertrends and Nordic leadership development organization Presidents Institute have established a partnership for sharing expertise and predictions regarding trends and new developments that will affect the futures of both companies and their global networks. This collaboration will serve to improve their information basis for decisionmaking and cultivate an interest in innovation, based on the information and reports provided by Supertrends.

Presidents Institute, a society of Nordic business executives dedicated to leadership development and networking, is owned by Danish serial entrepreneur Mads Faurholt, who in 2017 co-wrote the bestselling book “Entrepreneur” with Supertrends co-founder Lars Tvede. In recent years, President Institute has managed to profitably increase its team size threefold and grow the membership base by 150% since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which put a hold on physical activities.

Supertrends CEO Kim Weis said: “As one of the most renowned executive management societies in the Nordics, Presidents Institute is an extremely interesting partner for Supertrends to work with. The members of Presidents Institute are executives who are passionate about change and creating the future through dedicated leadership. We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with Presidents Institute, and we look forward to helping their members stay ahead of the curve when it comes to future innovation.”

Mathias Davidsen, the CEO of Presidents Institute, added: “We are excited about entering into this partnership with Supertrends. The quality of their content about trends and future innovation is second to none, and we are convinced that access to this valuable repository of expert knowledge will help the executives in our network improve their decision-making basis and gain a clearer perspective of which trends are expected to shape their business sectors in the coming years.”

About Presidents Institute
Presidents Institute is one of Northern Europe’s prime facilitators of leadership development programs with more than 1,200 active top executives as members. Presidents Institute’s vision is to be the preferred provider of executive development programs through highly curated physical and virtual meetings and peer-to-peer learning.

Read more about the Presidents Institute.

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