The vegan lady who runs a cultured fish firm

Carrie Chan is the CEO of Avant Meats and is currently developing its first cultured fish, a cell cultivated fish maw bites as an ingredient in a snack.

Cultured fish products as a response to overfishing

Carrie Chan chose to be a vegan because she believes that the way we produce animal meat is not efficient and causes a lot of environmental issues. However, she knows that people do like eating meat. When she founded Avant Meats, she says, the main consideration on her mind was that there had to be a better way of solving this problem. “When we started, people asked: ‘What meat are you going to make?’ We wanted to produce marine protein coming from fish.” Based in Hong Kong, Chan knows only too well how much damage overfishing has done, pushing many fish species to the verge of extinction.

In addition to being a passionate environmentalist, Chan is also an experienced business leader. Fish maw is the first product that Avant Meats is targeting due to its simple cellular component and higher market price. The company already conducted its first successful tasting event in October 2019. The next targets are to produce fish cake, fish fillet, and small chunks of fish, the prototype of which will be launched this year.

Challenges for the market entry of cultured fish

The technique of cultured fish is not very different to other types of cultured meat, according to Chan. She is confident that the company will soon clear the biggest hurdle of getting cultured fish on the market, which is the cost:

“We are focusing on reducing our cost by as much as 90% within 12 months, and 97% in 18 months. At the same time, we will scale up our bioreactors for bigger capacity. We expect to start selling our cultured fish protein pilot product soon to help us understand consumer needs and improve certain product parameters.” Carrie Chan

Chan also has plans to make her fish protein more nourishing the will contain more collagen, Omega3, and other functional nutrients that benefit skin health and wound healing.

By developing a novel way to produce animal products, Chan may indeed have found a better way to save marine species. Visit the Supertrends App and search for ‘cultured fish’ to find out by which year Chan plans to make her fish product available on the market. Not an App user yet? Visit the Supertrends Pro – page to learn about your benefits and request a trial – for free!

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